To Create Transformation in our societies by empowering the guardians, youth and women economically in entrepreneurship and vocational trainings so that they can provide access to  equal opportunities such as Education , shelter and HealthCare to Orphans and vulnerable children, youth and young mothers for a sustainable development


A poverty a free society where all children and youth have equal access to equal opportunities for sustainable development


  1. God First
  2. Transparency
  3. Unite
  4. Justice
  5. Partnership


The Overall goal of Shines children’s Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of living Conditions of key affected populations (Deprived people) such as Orphans, street children and young mothers

To deliver this mandate, the organisation partners with various state and no-state child focused organizations and networks such as Uganda child rights NGO network (UCRNN),Uganda National NGO Forum and other district community based organisation. The organization recognize and works under the guidance of UN convention on the rights  of the child( UNCRC),the African charter on the rights and the welfare of the children(ACRWC) and various national polices for children such as the Children act and orphans and vulnerable children policy