Our sustainability programs are aimed at providing financial resources to sustain the foundation, currently we are engaged in:


Agriculture being the major source of food in Masindi, as the organization we have embarked in farming, we grow crops like; rice, maize, bananas, beans and greens, the sales from these crops help in running the organisation especially on Administration.
To support us in faming as our sustainable project, please contact us at farming@shines.org

TOURS AND SAFARIS(Tour with a mission)

At One love tours and Safari, we design interesting and affordable trips which are attractive to all our clients. If you are planning a trip to Uganda, consider using one love tours and safari, because in so doing, you will be promoting the work of Shines children’s Foundation since 50% of the money goes to cater for administration of the organisation.

One Love Tours and Safari is a fully registered and licensed tour and travel Company in Uganda to operate as a tour and travel company, this is a project of Shines children foundation which sustains the organization.
For booking and more information about One love Tours and Safaris, contact us on onelovetours5@gmail.com .